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We are dedicated landscapers offering a full range of landscape services including masonry, paving stones, driveway installation and repair, brickwork and more. There are several benefits to investing in quality landscaping.

Energy Efficiency – With the right landscaping, you can have more shade in the summer to help cool the home. You will save money and enjoy a more beautiful exterior by making the right plant choices.

Safety – With paved walkways gracing your home, you won’t have to worry about people tripping on a little hole in the grass. It’s safer for your family and visitors, and that helps minimize your liability in case of an accident.

Visual Appeal – The right landscaping makes your home look more attractive by adding color, texture, dimension and style. • Erosion Control – Preserve your property and limit erosion by investing in the right hardscaping and landscaping options.

Functional Space – We offer retaining walls to make the sloped areas of your lawn more functional. Raising the level and supporting them with retaining walls, your property will look more attractive and feature more usable space for entertaining and relaxing.

Unique Look – Stand apart from the neighbors and make your home more memorable with quality landscaping features. Whether you are remembered for a prized rose garden in the front yard or a stunning, paved circular drive with a fountain in the center, Dykier is the right company to help you.

Property Value – Real estate agents and potential buyers look at the land around your home. If it looks amazing and attractive, it can boost the value of your home by 4- to 15-percent.

Enjoy the Peace and Quiet – The addition of soft plants does more than make your home look nicer. It can also make the property quieter by absorbing noise from the street and surrounding areas.

Sprinklers – Keep your turf watered and the gardens perfectly fed with a quality sprinkler system.

Allow us to help you make the right changes to your land. We offer custom design services including new plants and hardscaped features that will improve the visual appeal and value of your home. We are passionate about providing our customers with the best of everything, and we are happy to offer free estimates for your convenience. Call us today at (562) 760-4338 to make your appointment.