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Pavers | Dykier Cement Contractors - La Habra, CA

We offer paving stones as part of our hardscaping and landscaping services. There are countless ways to use concrete pavers around your property, and here are just a few smart ones you can benefit from.

Front Steps – Add style, function and texture to the front steps of your home with a beautiful brick design.

Color – From the patio to walkways and even the drive, you can enjoy an incredible range of colors and patterns by choosing paving stones.

Sitting Areas – Whether you want a level area out by the pond or right by the house, beautiful bricks and stones are an excellent option.

Walkways – Make your property safer by providing people with a smooth surface to walk on. Whether you want a gracefully arching walkway in the garden or a clearly defined straight line going from the front yard to the back, we can provide you with beautiful sidewalks all around the property.

Driveway – Take a step away from the ordinary and choose bricks or stones for this important part of your home.

Pool Decks – able to be transformed into any shape, bricks and stones are an excellent choice around pools. The water drains away quickly between the stones, the slightly rough texture provides grip to prevent falls and the patterns add visual appeal. They are also cooler under your feet than wood and other materials.

Raised Balconies – With the right support structure, stones and bricks can even be used on raised balconies and decks.

Highlight Key Features – Allow us to highlight key features of your home with our beautiful bricks or stones. From a fountain in the front yard to a stunning fish pond out back, we can use stones to draw interest to these amazing additions and help them stand out.

Landscape Edging – Used as part of your hardscaping plan, they can be used to create a solid boundary between gardens, turf and other areas.

We also offer demolition services to remove elements you no longer care for and take out features that don’t suit your needs. The team at Dykier Cement believes that the customer deserves the best, and we are passionate about making sure that you can feel great about your property. Whether you have a small yard that just needs a little help or a massive property that needs a full custom plan, we can help you. Call us today at (562) 760-4338 to get your free estimate and see how we can transform your yard.